LaPorte County Health Department Insect & Vector Control

LaPorte County Health Department has a vector control program. We monitor for West Nile Virus throughout the summer in coordination with the Indiana State Department of Health.

Mosquito traps are strategically placed throughout the county. Twice weekly during the summer months traps are set out to attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are collected the following day and submitted to the Indiana State Department of Health for testing of West Nile Virus.

We also have licensed pest control operators to apply pesticide to overpopulated mosquito areas. This would require an assessment of the site by the operator. Large wet areas that do not dry up are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Please call if you think you have a site that would be good to treat for mosquitoes.

Bed Bugs

Here are some interesting videos from our bed bug conference in 2011:

Bed Bugs: Identification, Biology, and Inspection
Bed Bug Panel Question & Answer Session

If you are interested in learning more about Insects and Rodents, please visit the National Environmental Health Association's e-Learning website at for more quality videos, courses and programs sponsored by the Center For Disease Control (CDC). Continuing Education Credits are available for most programs.