LaPorte County Health Department Environmental Complaints

The Environmental Section of the Health Department investigates complaints with regards to environmental concerns. When an investigation is performed, it is done to reduce the public’s risk of coming in contact with environmental pathogens that may transmit, generate, or promote communicable disease. Our focus is to keep the public from experiencing health effects associated with communicable disease outbreaks.

  • Complete Address
  • Site Investigation
  • Validation
  • Remediation
  • Voluntary Compliance
  • Abatement

Investigations are performed on the following types of complaints:

  • Open Burning
  • Open Burning Info
  • Trash and Garbage
  • Unsanitary Living Conditions
  • Potential Mosquito Breeding Sites (tires, stagnant swimming, pool, etc.)
  • Raw Sewage (failing septic systems, broken sewer lines, etc.

If you believe to have a valid complaint in one of the above categories and you have a complete address of the subject of complaint, please call our office at 219-326-6808 Ext. 2200.