LaPorte County Health Department Food Protection Division

The Environmental Health Specialists in the Food Protection Division enforce state code 410 IAC 7-24. Retail Food Establishment and Sanitation Requirements and LaPorte County Code 2013-15. Food Service Establishment Regulations ensuring the facility has safe food handling practices. Restaurants, convenience stores, private clubs, lunch trucks, grocery stores, bars, taverns, some non-profit organizations, schools, mobile vendors and temporary units receive unannounced inspections routinely throughout the year.

Working with public health nurses, physicians and Indiana State Department of Health Field Epidemiologists, environmental health specialists promptly investigate incidents of suspected food borne illness. Other food complaints that are not food borne illnesses are investigated by environmental health specialists when a name and address of complaint is given.

Building and Construction Guidelines

Persons who are OPENING a food service establishment or seek to perform major renovations must have their proposed plans and a menu approved prior to implementation to ensure appropriate equipment and procedures are in place.

Retail Food Application retail food license fees range from $78/year-$216/year.

Temporary Vendor

A temporary vendor is a retail food establishment that operates for a period of no more than fourteen (14) consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration with the approval of the organizers of the event or celebration.

A Temporary vendor must be able to meet basic minimum sanitation requirements to safely prepare and serve food. Inspection is done each 24 hours or as deemed necessary by the health officer. Any person operating a Temporary Retail Food Establishment shall comply with all Temporary Retail Food Establishment guidelines developed by the LaPorte County Health Department and approved by the LaPorte County Board of Health. APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT.

Temporary Vendor Checklist Items needed to obtain Temporary License

If you are hosting an event, festival, or fair you must complete an event application informing us the dates and times of the festivities with all vendors listed. The application is due one month prior to the event. ALL temporary vendors must apply one week in advance of the event.

Information Event Application
Information Temporary Vendor Application - $20.00/day
Information Temporary Vendor Cooling/Cooking Requirements
Information Temporary Vendor Handwashing/Dishwashing Requirements
Information Temporary Vendor Food Thawing Requirements
Information Temporary Vendor Backflow Prevention Requirements
Information Temporary Vendor Ice Usage Requirements

Mobile Units

A mobile unit is a retail food establishment that is not on a permanent foundation and is readily movable. The self contained, free standing unit must have facilities adequate to safely prepare and serve food. The permit will allow the mobile unit to serve food on an unlimited basis throughout the county. An inspection is conducted according to seasonal operation. A sanitation certification may be required based on the items prepared and sold. Any person operating a Mobile Retail Food Service Establishment shall comply with all Mobile Retail Food Service Establishment guidelines developed by the Health Department and approved by the LaPorte County Board of Health.

Mobile Unit Guidelines
Mobile Application $150.00/Year


A pushcart is a mobile retail food establishment that is readily moveable. It is designed as an open air type operation that the operator stands next to and vends limited food items from the cart. Any person operating a push cart shall comply with all Pushcart Retail Food Service guidelines developed by the LaPorte County Health Department and approved by the LaPorte County Board of Health.

Pushcart Guidelines
Pushcart Application $150.00/Year

Home Based Vendor Rule

Home Base Vendor Rule
Home Base Vendor Guidelines

Retail Food Establishment Information Sheets

Backflow Prevention
Cross Contamination
Food Safety during a power outage

Inspection Response Form - Operators have 10 days to respond to an inspection. This gives them the opportunity to show any changes made in cooking preparation, cooling procedures, storage of food, cleaning procedures etc. Operators can show all corrections made from the health department inspection.

Employee Health

Sample Written Food Employee Health Policy
Food Employee Reporting Agreement
Hepatitis A Preventing the Spread of Illness in Food Establishments
Steps to Clean Spills Vomit or Feces in Food Establishments
Hepatitis A – Disinfection for Food Establishments

La Porte County Health Department ServSafe® Test Information 2019

Cost: $40.00 (Prices Subject To Change Without Notice)
Where: 809 State St., La Porte County-Complex Bldg. 4th Floor
Time: 8:30AM or 1:00PM
Call To Register: 219-326-6808 Ext. 2200

Testing Dates
April 17th
June 19th
August 21
October 16
Dec 18

ServSafe® Manager 7th Edition (formerly ServSafe® Essentials) is ideal for helping students prepare to take the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.

Books area available at the La Porte Office. A $40 deposit fee is required to borrow a book. If you return the book the day of your exam, there will be no additional fee to take the exam.

Books are also available at the La Porte & Michigan City libraries.

To borrow the book from the La Porte County Health Department, please bring a state issued photo ID, $40 cash, and you must be sign up for the next exam date on the testing schedule. Books are at the 809 State St., County-Complex Bldg., 4th Floor location. The book must be returned the day of the exam to sit for the exam.

NOTE: There will be NO CHARGE to take the exam at the La Porte County Health Department if you provide an answer sheet from a book you may have purchased on your own. Registration is still required.