LaPorte County Government Departments

LaPorte County was formed in 1832. La porte comes from the French word, "the door." French travelers and explorers named the area after discovering a natural opening in the dense forests that used to exist in the region, providing a gateway to the lands further west.

LaPorte County has 15 Major Highways within:

Indiana Toll Road I-80 I-90 I-94 US 6 US 12 US 20 US 30 US 35 US 421 SR-2
SR-4 SR-39 SR-104 SR-212

To understand County Government and its obligation, it is first necessary to understand the geographical units in Indiana that are established by the General Assembly. In Indiana, local government is divided geographically into units: counties, townships, cities and towns. These units work together within each county to provide a variety of special duties which are required by the Indiana Constitution. Special duties can include: flood protection, schools, police and fire protection, highway or street construction, and planning administration.

Historically, Indiana counties were totally "creatures of the legislature." The counties relied on the Indiana General Assembly to define their powers and obligations. In 1978, the General Assembly recommended that the power of the counties be expanded. The General Assembly proposed that the counties be given the power to exercise any powers not specifically denied to them or reserved by the State of Indiana. In 1980, this recommendation became enacted as a law and is now known as the "home rule" statute. The "home rule" statute granted Indiana counties "all the powers that they need for the effective operation of government as to local affairs". The counties now have no limits on their powers except for certain powers reserved by the state.

LaPorte County Government provides essential services we use every day: transportation we take to work, health clinics for immunizations, parks for our enjoyment, libraries for books to read or doing research, disposal facilities for our trash, and sheriff, rescue personnel for our safety. These are just a few of the many interactions citizens have with county agencies every day.

Please select one of the departements to the left to view the various departments and agencies working together to make LaPorte County, Indiana a safe and enjoyable place to live and work.